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Oswald's Marine Corps 3rd Quarter Pay False Mystery

Oliver Stone weaves another phony story misrepresenting Doug Horne's comments on film

Oliver Stone can't budge the needle with his phony JFK films, Photo Credit: Skeptical Science. com

In Stone's JFK: Destiny Betrayed faux documentary (Episode 4, 7:05 minute mark), Stone cuts to an interview with former ARRB member Douglas Horne. Here's a transcription of what is said:

Whoopi Goldberg
There was another unusual event that took place at the time of Oswald's Defection. The source of his income changed.
Douglas Horne
Oswald's last quarter of earnings in the United States before he defected to the Soviet Union, should of be paid by the United States Marine Corps, and they weren't, because we asked to see his Marine Corps earnings record that the Marine Corps deposits with the Social Security Administration. They did not pay him any money in the last quarter when he was in the United States before his defection. Had no income from the Marine Corps, but he should of have.

This controversial statement by Mr. Horne has generated some buzz. Preceding Mr. Horne's interview was Dr. John Newman's highly dubious statements about Oswald being a "Witting False Defector".

See relevant articles here:

In light of the whirlwind discussions, Stone's Conspiracy Theorist Screenwriter, James DiEugenio, asked Mr. Horne to elaborate further on his findings on DiEugenio's Conspiracy Website, kennedyandking. com. Here is the article:

As you read intently through Mr. Horne's follow-up article, he says the following in the lead paragraph:

Here is what I can tell you. Please read most carefully and do not misquote me or even unintentionally misrepresent any of this information. Be most precise, I implore you.

That's a fair request, and one I will respect in this article. Everything Mr. Horne said in his follow-up is correct. However, there is one interesting statement Mr. Horne makes:

Now, some of Oswald's “tax information” is already open information, including his 1959 tax return, which shows his total earnings for 1959 to be $996.31 for that year. This would seem to indicate that SOMEONE paid him during the third quarter (because his earnings for quarters 1 and 2 are not that much money), but whichever entity paid him did not pay him very much, at all. SPECULATION: Perhaps it was what would have been his normal USMC salary, IN CASH???

Having researched this controversy, Mr. Horne is confirming now what I discovered previously about "being paid in cash". He calls it "speculation", but in reality, it's FACT.

Folsum Exhibit #1, Warren Commission, Volume XIX

In the last sentence,

"sett (settled) by cash. Will not reenl (re-enlist) RR (Ready Reserves)"

Yes, Oswald was paid in cash by the Marine Corps prior to his Hardship Discharge separation. Here's further proof:

CIA Document: Oswald 201 File, Vol 16, CD 205, Part 2

Now in fairness to Mr. Horne, he makes this qualifying statement:

In summary, I simply confirmed in my interview for your documentary that what the Warren Commission was told in Feb 1964—that Oswald had no reported earnings in the third quarter of 1959—was confirmed by me through careful examination of the microfilmed paper earnings records at SSA. For someone to actually view and review those records identified by RIF number above, the IRS Code would have to be amended.
That is all I can say.
Doug Horne

Mr. Horne's statements in the documentary do not entirely square with the facts. His statement "They did not pay him any money in the last quarter when he was in the United States before his defection. Had no income from the Marine Corps, but he should of have"is misleading. Perhaps he meant in context of the Social Security Administration not receiving the 3rd quarter deposit. So I will give Mr. Horne a benefit of doubt on this, and I certainly don't want to misquote his meaning out of context.

But Oliver Stone used it, to promote another false mystery in conjunction with Dr. Newman's and Otto Otepka.

Again, there was no fact-checking in Stone's JFK fake documentaries. Oswald was paid by the Marine Corps, not ONI, CIA or any other Intelligence agency. Oswald was paid in cash, mystery over.

"Any man worth his salt will stick up for what he believes right, but it takes a slightly better man to acknowledge instantly and without reservation that he is in error." - "Old Hickory"

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