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Oliver Stone's JFK: Destiny Betrayed Film Never Checked the Facts

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Author Fred Litwin and long-time JFK researcher Paul Hoch, expose another dubious claim by Oliver Stone, and there's lots more!

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One has to wonder about Oliver Stone in his so-called documentary film making process. His new JFK: Destiny Betrayed 4-part series is a pay-for-view. Naturally if you fork over money to watch a documentary, a reasonable person will assume that what's been featured has been "fact-checked". Certainly, a film maker would do the bare minimum of researching to insure his/her audience is getting the truth.

Unfortunately for Stone, his Producer Rob Wilson and Screenwriter James DiEugenio, they did nothing of the sort. For those that have purchased the film series, sorry that money is non-refundable. Likewise, for those considering paying and watching the film, you may want to read this article, and others to follow.

Featured in the 4th episode, former ARRB member, Doug Horne has made a claim that Lee Oswald was not paid his 3rd quarter earnings before his "hardship discharge" from the Marine Corps in September 1959. Preceding Horne's claims in the film is Dr. John Newman's highly questionable claim that "Oswald was a Witting Defector" to Russia for the CIA. Therefore, the implied message that Stone is giving to his audience was Oswald was paid by someone else, other than the Marine Corps to engage in a false defection to the Soviet Union.

Screenwriter James DiEugenio explains:

James DiEugenio, Education Forum, March 7, 2022

From Fred's article:

This all appears to be totally consistent with the normal handling of Oswald's third quarter pay.
Douglas Horne wants JFK: Destiny Betrayed viewers to believe that he discovered a problem as part of his work with the ARRB. Somehow this discrepancy is supposed to corroborate the allegation that Oswald was on some sort of mission for American intelligence.
Actually, the anomaly in the Social Security Administration pay records was first documented in a Warren Commission document. CD 353a is an "Extract of Information" on Oswald from the SSA file:

I might add this bit of evidence as well.

CIA Document: Oswald 201 File, Vol 16, CD 205, Part 2

In conclusion, Oliver Stone never bothered to even substantiate this claim made by Horne. He took it as the truth in face value, fitting right into his false narrative that the CIA was behind all this assassination plot.

Before you spend your money on JFK: Destiny Betrayed, check previous and upcoming articles on Fred's Blog here:

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