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Oliver Stone's JFK Revisited Screenwriter Reprimanded by ARRB in 1998

James DiEugenio made false and inflammatory claims regarding ARRB Staff

Jeremy Gunn, Former General Council of the ARRB

Oliver Stone's JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass screenwriter, James DiEugenio, is on record touting the film as groundbreaking new evidence of a conspiracy to kill the President based on the ARRB (Assassination Records Review Board) findings.

But here is just one item that Mr. DiEugenio will not share with his supporters.


Jeremy Gunn was the Executive Director of the ARRB. Mr. Gunn has been on the record many times stating the mission of the Review Board was to find and release records to the public regarding the assassination. That was their sole mandate, not to investigate or make a conclusion on who killed President Kennedy.

ARRB Final Report

In the first paragraph, the report clearly states the Mandate of the Board.

"Congress did not, however, direct the Review Board to draw conclusions about the assassination, but to release assassination records so that the public could draw their own conclusions. Thus, this Final Report does not offer conclusions about what the assassination records did or did not prove."

DiEugenio steps into the arena

However, James DiEugenio had his own opinions about the ARRB. In DiEugenio's defunct Conspiracy Probe Newsletter, Vol. 5, #2, under the article "The Review Board's Public Comments (Part II), opines his own slanted conspiracy views. It's a particularly long and strange boring rant.

You can read the Probe article, starting on page 3, and continued on page 28 here:

This article somehow got back to the ARRB, drawing the ire of Jeremy Gunn, who felt he should set the record straight. As you read through Mr. Gunn's reply to DiEugenio, the response was correct and warranted.

Page 1-2 of Gunn's reply to DiEugenio

Referencing Gunn's letter to DiEugenio above, of particular note in Gunn's response is the 3rd point about political incorrectness about ARRB board members not conforming to Probe views and to be silent. Also, in the 4th point and mentioned in the Probe article on page 28, DiEugenio falsely charges ARRB Staff "double-dipping" by receiving two full paychecks. That was a complete and utter falsehood, manufactured by DiEugenio.

No question about it, Mr. Gunn did set the record straight, and DiEugenio as usual was reckless and dead wrong.

Oliver Stone, thank you for getting those records released. Next time you may want to consider another impartial professional screenwriter.

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