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Oliver Stone doubles-down on the Looney Frontal Shot to the President

"Struggling with trying to explain it, Stone throws an old Goofy Theory in the Mix"

The Old Flechette Launcher in the Umbrella Trick

I feel sorry for Oliver Stone. He has a lot of theories in his "JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass" film that he has to keep track of. From Allen Dulles to planted bullets, to faked Autopsy photos,'s overwhelming!

Recently Stone was interviewed on a Trey Elling Podcast (based in Austin, Texas) about his film. As Stone goes through his film, Elling asks Stone about Dr. Malcom Perry and Dr. Kemp Clark (at the 08:45 minute mark) why was it's so important in the film.

Stone then goes on to say that there was a frontal shot (in the throat) and one shot behind. Now what's incredible to see here in this video, straight out of Stone's mouth, is the mention of a "FLECHETTE" as possibly causing the throat wound.

Yes, you read that right, "FLECHETTE". See for yourself.

Trey Elling's Interview of Oliver Stone

Stone and his "Possible Flechette Explanation"1

I thought that nutty conspiracy was discarded decades ago???

Apparently not.

As Oliver Stone wraps himself into a "Pretzel Logic" position trying to explain a frontal shot, he embarrasses himself for even bringing up a "Flechette". Of course, this is crazy beyond belief, as most logical people will deduce. To pull off a frontal shot, a rifle had to be used in some unknown location and it would have completely blown out the back of his neck, or back.

Stone, DiEugenio and the rest of the conspiracy advocates in the film, never explain where that frontal shot bullet to the throat went. Try to ask them, and you will get the biggest "deer in the headlights" look and most likely be ignored.


Tim Weiner was right; Stone should go back and make good films again and get away from this nutty conspiracy business. Also, for heaven sakes, hire a professional screenwriter next time that won't get you into this big mess of a Train Wreck.

1 - The screen capture, using You Tube's "closed captioning" is for two reasons. (A) to show readers what he said, so there is no misunderstanding, and (B) to keep a record should Mr. Elling's interview get pulled on request by Stone and his Tinfoil Hat Brigade.

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