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Oliver Stone Disses the Sixth Floor Museum

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Stone and DiEugenio falsely accuse the Sixth Floor Musuem as openly promoting Oswald as the Assassin

Sixth Floor Museum Historical Displays, Photo Credit:

Oliver Stone's new 4-part series JFK: Destiny Betrayed, has recently premiered in the U.S. on pay for view media platforms. Yes, if you want to know the truth behind the Kennedy Assassination, it will cost you money. Recently I've watched all the episodes and tried to add up all the nonsensical debunked theories presented, and it's staggering. There's so many that it will take time to address some of the key conspiracy assertions that Stone and screenwriter DiEugenio have unleashed on the viewing public.

In the first episode (~47-minute mark) I ran across this outlandish and reckless statement, the subject of this article.

Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg:

"The Sixth Floor Museum to this day insists that Oswald shot Kennedy from that (film clip of the TSBD building) sixth floor window and virtually everything in the museum is dedicated to that proposition."

Folks, this is unmitigated garbage. Stone and DiEugenio have concocted a blatant falsehood, trying to paint the Sixth Floor Museum (6FM) as the holy shrine of "Oswald the Assassin." Nothing could be further from the truth.

Having visited and toured the 6FM many times over the years, the staff of the 6FM do not take a public position of one side or the other in the assassination. In all my dealings and personal contact in person and by phone, not once have I heard one key staff employee or curator admit to me, "Oh yeah, Oswald did it". In this highly controversial subject, it was abundantly clear to me whatever personal beliefs any employee held, they kept it private and not in the workplace environment.

The 6FM staff are very helpful, courteous and professional in their duties.

Now regarding this crazy statement about "virtually everything in the museum is dedicated to that proposition (Oswald the Assassin)", is undeniably false. Yes, they have an identical model Carcano rifle on display (featured in Stone's film), because that was found on the sixth floor by Dallas City Police and County officers. It's a historical fact, whether Stone likes it or not. It's also a cold hard fact that a few witnesses saw a gun barrel pointed out the southwest corner window on the sixth floor, eventually finding three spent shells, empty bag and Rolling Reader book boxes stacked in front of the partially open window. The 6FM wanted to reconstruct that area as it was in historical photographs. That area has been cordoned off with plexiglass as not to disturb it.

Likewise, they also have a collection of historical artifacts surrounding the assassination. Detective Jim Leavelle's tan suit is displayed, and so many other interesting items that are totally unrelated to Oswald.

It's a museum for crying out loud, Stone.

Personally, as a researcher who does believe Oswald killed the President, I never got one inkling or impression that the 6FM engages in parading on display, Oswald was the sole assassin. In fact, in the reading room, you can see scores of conspiracy books for reference, not to mention oral histories on those who do believe there was a conspiracy.

Speaking of Oral Histories........

In the "Irony of all Ironies" department, here is a list of 6FM Oral History testimonies from people in Stone's so-called documentary series.

1. Cyril Wecht - November 2016 and presentation in April 2017 see here

2. Jefferson Morley - November 2017

3. David Talbot - February 2016

In conclusion, Stone has put forth a slanderous statement about the 6FM which is totally and undeniably false.

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