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Lee Oswald was NOT a Patsy!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Exploring the crazy myth that Oswald was set up and framed as a fall guy

If ever there was a mantra consistent with many JFK conspiracy believers, it would be the "Oswald was a Patsy" belief. Ingrained into the mindset of many conspiracists, multiple myths and versions on how Oswald was framed have flourished in conspiracy literature and forums. There are many suspects ranging from Guy Banister, CIA, Michael and Ruth Paine, Militant Cuban Exiles, Dallas Police, Clay Shaw and the list keeps growing daily.

So, was Oswald just a Patsy? Let's begin when he first uttered those words.

Video courtesy of David Von Pein

Conspiracy believers should pay close attention to this as it has been badly misinterpreted over the years. At 7:55 PM on November 22, 1963, Oswald is ushered out of the Homicide office and led through the corridor where the media peppered him with questions about shooting the President.

Here is a short transcript of what Oswald said.

OSWALD: I'd like some legal representation. these police officers have not allowed me have any.

OSWALD: I ahh.... don't know what this is all about..... Sir?

REPORTER: Did you kill the President?

REPORTER: (Garbled Question)

OSWALD: I work in that building (TSBD), yes

REPORTER: Were you in the building at the time?

OSWALD: Naturally if I work in that building, yes sir.

REPORTER: Did you shoot the President?

OSWALD: No, they are taking me in because of the fact I used to live in the Soviet Union.

OSWALD: I'm just a Patsy!

First of all, regarding legal representation, this was Pre-Miranda rights (1966). Texas law as explained by local American Bar Association representative, H. Louis Nichols, did not require a suspect to have an attorney present during initial interrogation. Nichols was a practicing Civil Lawyer and called a fellow Dallas Criminal lawyer as explained in this video (2:00 minute mark). Only after charges were formally filed, the suspect was able to obtain a lawyer, or a court appointed lawyer would be made available.

Video courtesy of the Lone Gunman

Now Oswald starts acting like" he didn't know what this is all about". Of course, that's a blatant lie because he was arrested in the Texas Theater as the prime suspect in the Tippit shooting after pulling out his revolver on a policeman. Additionally, he had to know the President was shot with all the commotion and chaos right outside his building. Further to that, he was interrogated earlier about both killings.

Next Oswald admitted to the media he was in the TSBD building at the time of the shooting. He never said he was outside in front watching the motorcade.

Here's the one of the most important parts to this Patsy statement. He said he was taken in (by the Dallas Police) because he used to live in the Soviet Union. Although it would eventually come out, how did the Dallas Police know upon the time of his arrest in the Texas Theater he had been in Russia? Of course, they didn't. Another lie. Curiously that statement by Oswald about living in the Soviet Union gave a clue why he wanted noted Communist Party lawyer (CPUSA), John J. Abt, to represent him.

John J. Abt, Photo Credit: Tamiment Library/Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, New York University.

In other words, Oswald felt he was being falsely persecuted as a perceived Communist by the Dallas Police Department when they rounded him up off the streets and took him in custody. It had nothing to do with sinister forces framing him with his rifle. That's the true meaning behind Oswald's Patsy statement.

Applying common sense and reason, does anyone really think Oswald was so stupid to get himself framed with his own rifle on the 6th floor by nameless/faceless sinister individuals?

I think Oswald was a little smarter than that, he was no hapless dummy. He could think for himself. Just a few months earlier he was debating Carlos Bringuier on Marxism, reading books, studying political systems.

What happened? Did he fall down and damage his brain? I don't think so.


For those who still believe Oswald was a framed Patsy, then you have to admit he was the most clueless dimwitted person alive in 1963.

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