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JFK Revisited: More Deception and Half-Truths

Are Stone and DiEugenio leveling with their viewing audience?

Starting from the beginning of the JFK Revisited film, past all the historical footage, the first topic up is Oliver Stone himself narrating the Church Committee findings. Stone makes reference to Senator Richard Schweiker's comments about the FBI using Dallas Night Club owner Jack Ruby as a Confidential Informant.

Here Stone/DiEugenio hatch another suspicious teaser to the audience linking Ruby to the FBI. This is a complete "half-truth" to deceive viewers into thinking something sinister was up with the FBI and Ruby.

It is absolutely true Ruby was considered as a PCI (Potential Criminal Informant) way back in 1959, but 4 months of attempting to establish any information of criminal elements in Dallas by SA Charles Flynn proved fruitless, and Ruby was dropped.

Stone and DiEugenio, naturally do not tell the viewers the whole story.

This was addressed by the Warren Commission as CD-1052, letter to J. Lee Rankin from Hoover.

Warren Commission CD-1052

Warren Commission CD-1052

Affidavit of FBI SA Louis Kelly investigating Jack Ruby

As noted earlier, local Dallas FBI considered using Jack Ruby as an informant in criminal matters. No information was obtained, and Ruby was dropped as a PCI. Ruby was never paid a dime.

FBI Internal Document #44-24016

You can view the whole file on attempts by local Dallas FBI to garner information on criminal matters from Ruby here:


Stone and Screen Writer DiEugenio are not leveling with the audience by intentionally not telling the complete story behind the Ruby PCI affair. This is unquestionably outright deception on their part.

As advised earlier in my blog posts, you have to be highly skeptical of this film as this practice of misleading information put forth in the film are continually being uncovered by researchers.

See Fred Litwin's excellent research on the film

Also, Tracy Parnell's excellent website

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