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JFK Revisited: Again, Caught Creating False Mysteries

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

"Stone/DiEugenio hatch another Bogus Mystery with Sinister Strap/Sling Mounts on Oswald's Rifle"

It's incredible how many false mysteries this film has. Once again, we catch another one, regarding a misinterpretation of bottom sling/strap mounts on Oswald's rifle in a Backyard Photo.

Around the 00:30 minute mark of Stone's film, Brian Edwards goes into Oswald's rifle explaining how it was purchased under the alias "Hidell" through Klein's Sporting Goods. He correctly explained how the rifle (technically a carbine) was 36" (see above Klein's Coupon), and Oswald received a 40" model. That is true.

From there Mr. Edwards uses a backyard photo of Oswald illustrating, in his opinion, that the rifle held in Oswald's (or imposter?) hand has bottom mounted sling/strap D-Ring mounts. I took the same photo used in the film, and brightened it to enhance the sling. Carefully study the top sling, you will see that is not bottom mounted, it's mounted on the side.

Top Sling/Strap Mount is Side Mounted, not Bottom Mounted

Using the same photo in the film from the National Archives on Oswald's Rifle, you can see that it is side mounted.

Photo Credit: National Archives

Let's try to clear up this mess that Stone presented with some facts.

Oswald's rifle was a Carcano Model M91/38, 6.5 mm. Those models were slightly longer in length, around 40" overall. Here are two photos of a Carcano M91/38 disassembly of the top sling/strap mount.

Mount side, Photo Credit: Surplus Rifle

Reverse side showing mounting screw, Photo Credit: Surplus Rifle

In the Klein's ad, the model shown was a Carcano Model 91-TS (Moschetto). Those models were 36" in length. Both models fired the same 6.5 X 52mm ammo.

When Oswald ordered his rifle, he did not receive the Model 91-TS, he received the Model M91/38. This is because Klein's ran out of Model 91-TS (with bottom sling/strap mounts) and replaced them with M91/38's.

In Waldman Exhibit #1, you will see the evidence. Once Klein's sold off their Carcano M91-TS (as pictured in the ad), they replaced them with the M91/38's that were shipped to Klein's in April 1962.

Waldman Exhibit #1, Warren Commission

Oswald bought the rifle out of a Klein's ad in the 1963 February issue of American Rifleman. By April 1963 (there was no March 1963 Klein's ad in American Rifleman), Klein's update their ad to reflect the 40" Italian Carbine, using the same illustration, price, but replacing the length and the weight.

Photo Credit: David Von Pein JFK Archives


There are no mysteries here about bottom mounted sling/strap mounts. The Klein's paperwork reflects the same serial number C2766 on that rifle they shipped to Oswald's Post Office Box in Dallas as the rifle found on the 6th floor.

What's incredible is Screen Writer Jim DiEugenio has seen these arguments over the rifle for years! It's not that he didn't know this information, he participated in the discussions/arguments in online forums.

There will be more on this "non-documentary" film as critics are now exposing.

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