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Did Lee Harvey Oswald go to Mexico?

"Physical evidence destroys the myth that Oswald NEVER travelled to Mexico"

Warren Commission Exhibit 2488

"Map of Mexico City in Oswald's possessions"

For many years, certain researchers, book authors and conspiracy advocates have been spinning a tale that Lee Harvey Oswald never went to Mexico City. Most of these stories connect with a "possible imposter" posing as Oswald in the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City.

This brief article will not address the incidents at the Soviet and Cuban Consulates, rather to establish the fact he did indeed travel to Mexico.

On August 27, 1964, Warren Commission staff lawyer, Wesley Liebeler, contacted the FBI regarding a previous telephone conversation the night before (August 26, 1964) with Marina Oswald. Liebeler was told by Marina on the telephone that she had located a "Bus Ticket Stub" in the name of "Transportes del Norte", a Mexican bus line. In turn Liebeler contacted the FBI to investigate and interview Marina regarding this discovery.

Wallace Heitman (Dallas FBI SA) was dispatched to Marina's new home in Richardson, Texas (suburb of Dallas). Present in her home was Declan Ford, who was the husband of Katya Ford, Marina's Russian friend in Dallas. Ford was acting as Marina's advisor.

As per the telephone conversation, Liebeler was inquiring about Oswald's trip from New Orleans to Mexico City with Marina. At that time she remembered she had found some personal effects in one of her suitcases that was returned to her on or about August 17-18, 1964. She told Liebeler about the Bus Ticket Stub. FBI SA Heitman interviewed her and reviewed the items found.

"Front of Bus Ticket Stub, Mexico City to Laredo, Texas"

"Back of Bus Ticket Stub dated September 30, 1963"

However there were other articles found. Here's the list:

  • A paperback pamphlet titled "This Week - Esta Semana" dated for the week of September 28 to October 4, 1963. (Tourist Guide) The Bus Ticket Stub was found in this paperback

  • A book (with cover torn off) titled "Learning Russian". Marina identified this as Oswald's Russian Language Learning book

  • A Guide Map of Mexico City (Printed in Mexico City). A brief video of that map can be seen at the 5:00 minute mark) in the National Archives can be seen here

  • Another paperback pamphlet titled "Fiesta Brava", published by Pemex Travel Club in Mexico City. This describes "Bullfights"

  • A library pass in the name "Lee Harvey Oswald" used to check out books in Russian Libraries.

  • Other personal items such as old magazines, books, personal photos of her children and greeting cards

Clearly these items belonged to Oswald.

Other mundane items includes postcards, a Mexican stamp and a Mexican bar of La Lux Soap were found, such as this list at the Beckley Rooming House.

"Dallas Police Inventory of Oswald's personal items recovered at his Beckley Rooming House"

The Bus Ticket Stub correlates to the return Bus Manifest Passenger list as in evidence.

Oswald did travel to Mexico.

1 - FBI Internal Memo and Investigation, August 28, 1964, "Investigation of Bus Ticket Stub"

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